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Even though I had braces as a teenager, having them again after the age of 40 is a MUCH DIFFERENT (and better!) experience. I was pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail used during my evaluation as well as the obvious commitment to patient satisfaction that is exemplified by each person at E & S Orthodontics. Their ability to make my comfort their first priority and explain each facet of my treatment made them the outstanding choice for me. Thank you for answering every question I have had so far and for your excellent service.

I cannot believe how easy this is! I thought it was a painful, horrifying process but there's only some pain and it was scary when I had to get them on or adjusted or anything like that

The first time I walked into E&S was amazing!! It made me feel so welcome! I love the doctors and how they make you feel so welcome and noticed when you walk in. The day i got braces was amazing! They were so gentle while putting them on. Because of E&S my mouth is starting to look wonderful! Thank you E&S for makeing my smile beautiful!

I was actually afraid to get braces at first, it seemed like such a scary process. Once it was explained to me though I instantly lost my fear. E&S Orthodontics is the BEST out there and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs orthodontic care. The staff is extremely friendly and goes out of there way to make your visit as good as possible.